VOICE is an acronym for ‘Valuable Opportunities to Inspire Change through Empowerment’ and was born from a consultative process with the athletes and community members it serves. 

About Us

V.O.I.C.E. (Valuable Opportunities to Inspire Change through Empowerment) was born out of a pilot project funded through Alberta’s Ministry of Community & Social Services and commissioned by University of Alberta Students’ Union Gender Based Violence Prevention Program (GBVPP).

Our Beginnings

The initial pilot project  partnered with local professional, university and community teams to launch an innovative program that worked to empower athletes as leaders in their community. Program participants were encouraged, coached and supported to identify, interrupt and intervene within cultures and systems fostering gender-based violence and discrimination.


Eradicate gender-based violence and create an empowered society where all people are treated equal.


Reduce incidents of gender-based violence and sexual violence on the university campuses and in the communities we serve.

Strategic Pillars


VOICE identifies and engages potential leaders within our communities to help them play an active role in shaping the hearts, minds and behaviours of people across the province.


VOICE provides and facilitates an inspirational and powerful peer learning environment where participants are exposed to and discuss real-world issues.


VOICE trains and supports program ambassadors, ensuring they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a meaningful difference in the communities they live and serve in.


VOICE mentors, mentees and community members work together to create meaningful, sustainable and tangible culture change in communities across the province.