VOICE is an acronym for ‘Valuable Opportunities to Inspire Change through Empowerment’ and was born from a consultative process with the athletes and community members it serves. 

Why We Exist

Recent statistics reveal gender-based violence is on the rise, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet other forms of violent crimes are declining across Canada. VOICE believes gender-based violence is rooted in inequality and recognizes the role each of us play in perpetuating deeply embedded beliefs contributing to that inequality. VOICE was created to help communities, groups and individuals eradicate gender-based violence by developing understanding, building equity and generating sustainable change. 

Facts about gender-based violence

  • While anyone can experience violence, women and girls are more likely to experience violence than men.
  • Gender diverse groups are disproportionately affected by Gender Based Violence.
  • The homicide rate of Indigenous women is 7x higher than the rate of non indigenous women to be .

What is the difference between gender & sex?

The term sex refers to a biological state, while 'gender' refers to a sense of identity. Traditional definitions of gender have been binary - male or female.  This excludes  many individuals whose gender identity does not fall within the  binary confines. Our goal is to help open up our communities to embrace and welcome individuals as they see themselves, rather than limiting them to our binary constructs. 

The Roots of Gender Based Violence

Power is at the root of gender-based violence. Inequality between genders creates unbalanced power dynamics.

The history of devaluing women and femininity, while  valuing men and masculinity, has created an imbalance of power. Violence, whether verbal, emotional, spiritual, economical, sexual or physical, is often used to maintain this imbalance of power.

Deconstructing The Language Of Violence

VOICE is not a traditional violence prevention program. A large part of learning within VOICE programming involves the use and impact of language. VOICE focuses on deconstructing inherent sexist beliefs which exist within society and facilitates learning to help participants identify root causes of violent and/or abusive beliefs and behaviours.