VOICE is an acronym for ‘Valuable Opportunities to Inspire Change through Empowerment’ and was born from a consultative process with the athletes and community members it serves. 

VOICE is an evidence-informed initiative designed to engage tomorrow’s leaders within local campus communities to help them play an active role in shaping the hearts, minds and behaviours of people across the province. VOICE utilizes powerful peer learning tools to expose, discuss, and inform participants of real-world issues. VOICE equips program participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help make a difference in their local communities.

Who Can Participate?

We primarily work with sports teams composed of young men between the ages of 15-25 and other community groups around the province vested in ending gender-based violence.  We are actively searching for additional partnerships with organizations and teams who work to promote gender equity or prevent gender-based violence. 

Sports Teams

Professional sports teams or athletes seeking ways to facilitate the development of healthier and more inclusive communities.

Junior High or High Schools

Junior high or high school teams who seek to empower tomorrow’s leaders in creating meaningful, sustainable change

Post-Secondary Schools

Post secondary or community based teams seeking to give back by fostering healthier and more equitable relationships in their local communities

Curriculum Goals

VOICE works with our partners to implement the RISE Leadership Program. A curriculum that will help participants:

  1. Understand gender-based-violence and all forms of injustice & inequality
  2. Develop leadership skills
  3. Develop bystander intervention skills
  4. Train and teach others the skills they have learned

What VOICE Provides

  • Access to professional athletes who will mentor and train post-secondary athletes to deliver the content to junior and high-schools across Alberta.

  • Materials and resources
  • Training and coaching
  • Logistical support and outcomes measurement
  • Referrals and access to professional support after a disclosure
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