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Inspiring Words From Jeanluc

When Jeanluc Nonda, a sophomore wide-receiver at University of Alberta, first put pen to paper, it was to deal with his own questions about mental health.

"I wasn't looking to do anything" he said in a recent interview, "I was just using it to cope with stuff."

The more vulnerable he felt, the more he wrote. And there came a time where all he did was write. The writing helped him inventory his thoughts and make sense of his world.

Not sure of what was happening to him, Jeanluc took to writing to overcome his 'over thinking'. Overthinking is a mental condition that can lead to depression and anxiety, and in Jeanluc's sense it was beginning to affect his sleep, giving him headaches and sense of feeling overwhelmed all the time.

"I started to go down several rabbit holes all at once." He said. "I knew I needed help, but at the same time I also knew I didn't want people to think I was weak or damaged goods."

So Jeanluc turned to writing. Short stories, Poems. Written word. Anything really, as long as it helped him feel at peace. And then he turned to his friends and his faith in God.  

"I reached out to my close friends and I put my faith in God." He told us in a recent interview. "Its funny what happens when you trust God and focus only on the things you have control over. God will do the rest". 

The more he wrote, the more he realized that he had so much to offer.  What he had started as a 'self-therapy' activity, was being liked and commented on by thousands of people.

"I feel like, if anyone else can watch my movies or hear my words, then it will be well worth it. It's amazing to think, that I can produce something that can inspire others or make them feel like they are not alone - I really want to be that person who can inspire others."

Jeanluc is in his second year at University of Alberta and is one of the mentors enrolled in VOICE. Please follow his podcast on Youtube at: 


Sophomore Wide Receiver of University of Alberta shares his video on mental health


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